Why men don't pursue romance

Men do not pursue romance. And the culture of dabbergasted.com firmly asserts that you shouldn't. Do not worry though, we are not MGTOW or black pill or any of those weirdos. There is a biological, philosophical, and Godly reason why men should not pursue romance. This is not a commonly discussed viewpoint, but in the real world, healthy relationships are NOT the result of romance or any of the feelings that the Big Love industry and feminine imperative is trying to peddle to you. If you would rather continue in the false reality that romance is key to healthy male- female relationships, then read no further. But if you would like to know how this world actually works, don't get flabbergasted, get dabbergasted and continue reading!

Okay, so men should not pursue romance, and the first question you might ask is, "Why not? How am I going to get laid? How am I going to find a wife? If romance is not the goal, then where do babies come from?"

Hahaha, where do I start?

Oh, I know, let me start with a story:

Actually, this reality was partially revealed to me from a girl a long time ago while I was in high school. She was a girl that I was interested in, but I was into a lot of girls who went to my highschool. But anyway, this one girl that I had a "demi-crush" on (because I really liked several girls so it wasn't a real crush) in highschool randomly said, "Love is not real, it's just a bunch of feelings and chemicals in your brain."

Now initially, I rejected this idea, and I still do reject it because it's false, but she was communicating something else to me in womanese that I didn't quite understand until after I had dated several times, read hundreds of books and listened to hours of seminars. I'm hoping you guys get it faster than I did. It's possible to live your entire life from diaper to dirt nap without understanding this, and several generations of people have. But like Stanley Yelnats in "Holes," I'm here to carry you, (Hector Zeroni) break the  generations long curse, and set you free! (within your lifetime)

If only, if only, the woodpecker cries, the bark on the trees was as soft as the skies

It will take several trials before you actually understand women

You cannot love something that you don't understand. Love is knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. The intricacies of a woman can be hard to pick up on and as a result of this, might take several tries before you have a legitimate understanding of how they work in relation to you.

What if I told you that players are virtuous? It is actually honorable to play the field as a man because you need to practice for the woman God made for you.  By the time you tie the knot, you should clock hundreds of hours of alone time with significant others. You need to be an expert in leading women before even thinking about joining yourself permanently to any woman. You need to know everything that's out there. You need to have reasons, based on experience, as to why you chose this particular woman instead of the billions of others!

Did you know that before God made Eve, God made every animal on Earth for the sole purpose of being a helper for Adam? That means it took God thousands of tries before he made the perfect helper that Adam would choose. And that woman was "bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh." Before a woman is her own entity, she's you. You need to know yourself completely. Learn your own quirks, likes and dislikes. Take personality tests and go on as many dates as you possibly can. If you go online, you'll see that women are more likely to be taking these steps than men. Self awareness is a masculine trait. A man without self-awareness will be swiftly eliminated from society . But a woman who lacks it is pedestalized and praised for it.

Master yourself

You need to master yourself FIRST, before you can begin to master women. Fortunately for you, self mastery can come at any age. Many never achieve it but if you stay subscribed to dabbergasted.com,  I will provide the tools you need to obtain self mastery in no time.

Master yourself or be a master of none

Render your dream girl

Once you have mastered yourself, you will be able to render the perfect girl for you. You will know how much you need to work with certain women in your dating pool and which ones will be a good fit. Someone who is a master of himself cannot be mastered, so you will have to be dominant. My dating advice is to always take the route of dominance in relationships and things will work out. Dominance is a masculine trait. Your woman will constantly try and wrestle power from you. Realize that no matter what tactics she was taught from a magazine or online, your key weapon and your only weapon in maintaining your power in the relationship is your dominance and masculinity. She will never be able to out man you. Your strength, your game breaker, your magnum opus, your super saiyan ability, is your masculinity. You must always be more masculine than whatever woman you are with. Her response to your masculinity should be femininity.

Remember: masculinity wants to be free, femininity wants to trap.

 Once she realizes that she can't dominate you, then her last remaining option to get power over you is to trap you. She will use her feminine energy to manipulate and finagle the power away from you bit by bit. And the really sad news is that this will never end. For the duration of the relationship she will be looking for ways to get power over you. She will be ruthless with it too. But fear not. Because as long as you are the most masculine partner in the relationship, it stands a chance at survival.

Now that you understand the masculine-feminine dynamic, here is why men should not pursue romance: Because it is the point at which femininity has won in the relationship. When she has trapped you with your emotions and has you willing to do anything for another emotional high, i.e. romantic stuff, then you have failed as a man. A romantic relationship is a dance with death. It's the real life version of the sunken place: a point of complete and unyielding submission to an oppressor. This is the reality of Shakespeare's romantic comedy, "Romeo and Juliet." They went through all that drama just to die in the end. They left no legacy on top of that!

With that dark truth said, while romance should not be pursued, if you can do romantic gestures from a place of dominance without catching feelings, then you should do so. Just remember that when the money runs out, if she's an intelligent gold digger, she'll leave, and that's the best thing that could happen. The worst thing that could happen is you and your partner dancing each other into an early grave via drug abuse trying to keep the romance going.

Shift your focus from wanting the romance in TV and movies to wanting the best possible vice president of your nation. All of your children will be 50% whatever woman you chose. Make sure she is made of good stuff. This is your main goal. Physical attractiveness is a subjective biological marker of a woman's physical compatibility to you. Oftentimes, she will display genes that contrast from yours. The idea is to get someone with genes that are the most dissimilar to yours and compliments your own traits. If you are fat, you might be more attracted to thin people. If you are an intelligent introvert, you might build better with a simple but more outspoken woman. Women who are conventionally physically attractive are actually just highly symmetrical. One half of a beautiful woman looks the same as the other half. In nature, symmetrical structures are more sound than asymmetrical structures. This is why you are wired to seek out beautiful women even if you are incapable of mating with them yet. You want to produce the most symmetrical and functional offspring as possible. As a man, you should not ignore or spurn your desire for beautiful women and should go after the most beautiful woman you can find. Under no circumstances should you settle for anything less than an 8/10. To someone who is unskilled at dating beautiful women, it can be difficult to get desirable women with options, but beautiful women can also be mastered and I would prefer that my readers pursue 10/10 women exclusively. Do not date a woman unless she is the hottest girl you have ever seen or AS HOT as the hottest girl you have ever seen. Other women would be a waste of time, effort, and energy. I will explain this more in future posts, but my advice to you is 10s or better. No exceptions!

In this life, as a man, you're on your own when it comes to dating. Women have judges, the media, legislation, and even men on their side to aid them in securing quality mates. But you? You're on your own. Discover your work today. Discover your God given gift and leverage it to bring other things you might desire into your life. Establish an excellent relationship with your heavenly father because you will need his help. We live in perilous times and Jesus Christ, your Lord and savior is the only one who has promised to never leave you or forsake you. He's the only one who can make good on that promise. Get in touch with the PAternal. Do not be mastered by the MAternal. As always, don't get flabbergasted, get dabbergasted!!

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