How to be immune to cancel culture

Cancel culture is the so called new phenomena keeping the media hostage as we go into the 20's. No one is safe, and everyone with a following is vulnerable to some uproar from a "marginalized" group. For whatever reason, in the past few years, being Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory has become the route to relevancy. Is it because of Trump? Are people mimicking his propensity toward disdain? Or are we in the middle of a years long protest in which anything positive that can come from these times is being ripped apart by sore losers who don't understand the U.S.'s Democratic voting process? Here is what Dabbergasted thinks about all if this:

Cancel Culture is NOT new

First off, cancel culture is absolutely NOT a new phenomena. Social media might be the preferred method of delivery these days, but humans as a species have a very long and detailed record of "canceling" entities that they didn't agree with. Take the Roman Colosseum which made sport of the deaths of prisoners of war, criminals, and debtors. The whole city would gather to see this event take place. Take for example, public stoning and hanging. People have taken delight in seeing someone's life being destroyed for as long as humanity can remember! Take into account the crucifixion of Jesus Christ! While he never really hurt anyone, people simply did not agree with or accept his message!

If anyone has the answer to cancel culture, it's this guy

Media Crucifixion is part of fame

As I dab my way through life, I've learned that when it comes to capital, whether monetary or social, the more you chase it, the more it runs away. A small business owner might struggle to get clients at first, but might be overwhelmed later on. It's mind boggling because you really need those clients on the front end, and they only seem to come when you don't need them! To be wealthy, you need to experience bankruptcy. Every famous person was once infamous. To be a good artist, your life has to be full of things that don't pertain to art. I'm starting to notice these patterns. To have a surplus, you need to experience an extreme deficit. The same holds true with any famous brand or celebrity. If you want to be successful, your eventual crucifixion is inevitable.

Cancel Culture is a result of the empowered critic

I expect products to stand on their own merit. To the weak minded, critic scores, testimonials, reviews etc might be the deciding factors on whether they consume the product, but I always put the actual quality of a product over what somebody else says about it. I also like to recognize when a product is not intended for my consumption. For instance, I'm a male, so I would never "cancel" a tampon company. People believe that just because they have an opinion, it is automatically valued and always has power over the producer of the product. But that's never been the case and never will be. You THINK you are seeing a company or a celebrity being taken down by powerful critics, when really it's just a bunch of people who aren't involved in the market being nasty and unpleasant. Complaints don't always make a difference. People have been complaining about McDonald's ice cream machines being down for ages, but they never changed this and McDonald's is still in business.

How to be immune to Cancel Culture

Now that you understand what cancel culture actually is vs. what people want it to be, the solution shouldn't come as a shocker. The solution is to turn the other cheek when you are being canceled. When you are on your God given path and purpose in life, nothing can really stop you. It might slow you down for a moment, but if you are headed where you're destined to be, nothing will stop you. When you get "canceled," be non reactive. Don't allow people's uproar to change your trajectory if you know you're doing the right thing. Your true fans, customers, and clients will see your integrity and become even more loyal. They might even fight off the haters for you! Your integrity, your grit, and your work ethic is being challenged. This is the time to prove to people what you are really made of!

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