Vampirella Quarterly #1 Review: This one bites

I nabbed my copy of Vampirella yesterday because I saw it mentioned next to this indie comic titled, "Cyberfrog" somewhere on Youtube. I got this specific issue because I found the cover artwork to be profoundly sexy. At first glance, Vampirella looks like a dirty magazine, (and really, it kind of is) and it's very hard to pay attention to the plot with bulging vampire breasts all over the place and erotic fights taking place. The comic book reminds me of an erotic comic I read online awhile back titled "Sexy Symphonies." All of the fight sequences were of people wrestling and tumbling in an erotic fashion. I would say Vampirella is NSFW even though there is no outright nudity and sex taking place. Lewdness is clearly at the forefront of the marketing of this comic!

Once you get past Vampirella's heaving melons, you'll find that Vampirella is actually pretty educational about European mythology. It's specifically a perversion of various European mythological creatures. In the side story in the middle of this specific issue, there is a demogorgon. A demogorogon tends to be a sort of demon, but in this issue of Vampirella, it was more like a kraken, because it lived underwater and allied itself with a sailor to take down ships to eat the crew like the kraken on Pirates of the Caribbean. I have to say, I enjoyed this little story, but the actual Vampirella story was ho hum.

Vampirella is laden with symbols of the occult. It's authors are particularly acute in the demonology department. After reading this issue, I decided to go back and read the very first two issues from 1969 and the spirit of the comic appears to be the same as it is in this 2007 issue almost 4 decades later.

I think the longevity of Vampirella can be attributed to the artists' enjoyment of drawing such an erotic character over and over. I'm surprised I haven't seen a succubus anywhere in my readings yet but I'm sure there's an issue out there with one in it! In my early teen  years (when I first discovered sex) whenever I got in trouble, my parents would take my laptop away and with it, my access to pornographic material. Parents, don't do this. Don't even try to stop your kids from watching it, they will (like I did) find ways to watch it anyway. You're wasting your time! One time when I was on maximum security lockdown punishment, I merely drew my own pornographic women from memory. I simply could not be stopped! I would print out photos of my favorite pornstars and hide them in my room for when I was on punishment. I'm not sure if this run of magazines still exists but there were these little magazines called "Jet Magazine" and they had a "beauty of the week" in each issue. I collected them whenever I could. I had 7-10 of them from my memory. The activity of drawing these women was pretty entertaining. And mind you I had a playstation, gamecube, and xbox 360 at the time! Vampirella at the very least made me nostalgic.

I look forward to reading more issues of Vampirella in the future


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