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Why it's Time for You to Either Join Us or Go Away

Since President Trump first made his bid for office in 2015, the media will have you to believe that the entire world disagrees with his presidency. Trump and his supporters have been treated like invaders in a strange land. These people have been treated like their ideas are new, radical, unpredictable, and dangerous. Every paper and major news media outlet has turned into end times prophesiers. Every day there's a new major political headline, but the days continue to go by. No wars have started, very few have been killed, and it's been business per usual. Eventually you have to stop and ask yourself this: Why hasn't the world come to an end yet? Where is the civil war? Why haven't protesters started catching themselves on fire? (Edit, since I first wrote this, there have been reports!) And somewhere in that questioning, you have to ask yourself, "If this is how it's going to be moving forward, then what do I do next?" To anyone who is Pro Trump, Pro Ch…