What We Can Expect to See From American Feminism Moving Forward

Looking around, it's not hard to discern that feminism has had several, major impacts on American culture and economy.

For those who aren't familiar with feminism, dictionary.com defines feminism as "the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes."

Someone calling themselves a feminist could literally mean anything

I took the liberty to screen capture this definition, because like the mind and demands of women, this too will always be subject to constant change. My problem with feminism is that it's not specific enough. The word itself is a parody of female nature. 

I will start by speaking on feminism on the basis of a socio-political movement. This definition is a problem and is purposefully convoluted so that as soon as followers of this religion get backed into a corner, they can just make something up. In the past, when more honest people (usually men) spoke on equality, they were more specific with what they meant by equality. Founder of the Republican political party, Abraham Lincoln, asserted that all men were created equal which was a specific reference and rebuttal to phrenological claims that African Americans were pre-disposed to being slaves and/or a subservient underclass. This statement that all men are created equal can be traced back even further to the Declaration of Independence (also written by men). So far, not only are men more honest, but our message is also consistent. Men have a tendency to have principles and morals. We realize that without structure all things collapse.

Now let's get deeper into this.

Any person in their right mind will look at your average feminist and, whether consciously or subconsciously, dismiss them as a whore who went to school. Early proponents of education warned us not to educate women, because it's just giving the snake more venom. It's akin to leaving a toddler unattended for long periods of time: eventually they will ruin everything, poop themselves, then wail to the top of their lungs for someone to come and clean everything up! And guess who will have to clean up the mess waiting for America: American Men. Women will not be satisfied until we are bankrupt, in another war to get money to appease their ridiculous appetites, or both!

Not all knowledge is power

Men and women are not equal on all bases. Men and women don't produce equal amounts of breast milk. They don't produce equal amounts of  semen. They don't produce equal amounts of testosterone, or equal amounts of estrogen. So this statement can't be taken literally. Obviously it means something else, because my knowledge of the word "equality" doesn't extend to fit the equality of the sexes. I definitely believe that men and women are created equal. That neither has more value in the eyes of their creator. (Whether that creator is the Abrahamic God, Allah, Zeus, the Big Bang, the Egyptian gods, or a combination)

But see, here's where the problem lies. America is predominantly Judaeo-Christian, and those Gospels teach several things that are in direct contrast to the basic tenets of American Feminism. I say American feminism because feminism manifests itself differently in different areas of the globe, as women face different issues. What makes it harder to take feminists seriously is that they imply that there is a creator that judges the value of all of its creations, however when you chat with the average feminist, they will tell you they don't believe in God. Which is dishonest because how can you believe in things that come from God, that require God to institute it, yet say you don't believe in God when asked? The goofiest thing  I heard is someone who told me they were Wiccan and didn't believe in heaven or hell. Witches are the biggest believers in God, Heaven and hell. "We don't believe in heaven or hell" is just something you tell lost souls just to bring them into the fold. Once someone has ventured deep enough into "Wiccanism"  aka Witchcraft/Wizardy, they will be introduced to familiar spirits. Familiar spirits are demons (angels cast out of heaven for rebelling against God) that witches use to perform sorcery. 

These women are lured into feminism/wiccanism/satanism with the promises that they will be able to commit magical, supernatural feats. That they will be able to circumvent the laws of nature and disrupt the natural order. Really, they have been taught how to brew poisons. There is a reason why witch hunts were so fierce and it's not because the women just wanted to fly around on brooms and turn thieves into rodents like the garbage that Hollywood feeds us today.
These witches have NOTHING on the O.G. witches

"Witch" is just a light way to say "poisoner." If you believe in the occult, and therefore believe in heaven, hell, and a God, then you know that the devil and all of his demon servants are the force against God. They work to taint his glory, to steal, kill, and destroy. No matter what illusions or slight of hand tricks these people show you initially, you are being recruited to fight in Satan's army. To be an agent of poison, chaos, and destruction. There is no "White magic," or true magic of any kind except that which God wills. The bible calls God's magic "miracles." but tell me, if the creator of all things has unlimited power, then is anything he does truly magic? Or is it just will? When you use any form of sorcery, be it illusion, drugs or the contact of spirits of dead ones, you are really being deceived by the devil. The voices you hear are the voices of demons and you are actually being used by the devil to destroy God's creation. Satan has great powers and has been ordained as the God of this world by God himself. Satan is in charge of the world and when you worship the world, you're really worshiping Satan. God has condemned this world. Have you ever seen a crumbled, decrepit, condemned building? When a building is condemned, that means sooner or later, a big machine with a wrecking ball is coming to tear it down. God has promised to destroy this world, so if God doesn't want it, then why should you? You shouldn't look to the moon, the sun, trees, the atmosphere, or coastlines for meaning and redemption. You will never find it there. It's only with God that you'll have rest, because there's no peace for the wicked. Fear not, because God has promised you something far better than this existence. This life is a mere flutter in the wings of your soul's journey. If you are a feminist or a meninist, or a MGTOW, or any of these movements looking for answers to spiritual questions, realize that you are fighting a battle that was already won by Jesus Christ. Realize that the price for your sins have been paid and the perversion of the human condition is no longer a burden to humanity. You are free, God loves you, and as long as you draw breath, the offer for your eternal salvation is still on the table. Your soul yearns to be saved from this suffering, and God provides answers and solutions that no political movement or scientist can.

As for what to expect in the future from feminism: realize that American feminism is a re-enactment of the original sin in Genesis. Eve sought after the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And when she opened her eyes to this forbidden knowledge, she cursed not only man, but even aspects of the world. Before the original sin and the fall from grace, there was no natural disasters, no pain, suffering, guilt, envy, worry etc. Animals didn't even prey upon each other. See my article on whether or not animals go to heaven here. The human condition is to suffocate and drown until the soul reaches out to God for a ledge to pull itself out from the condemnation of this world. We all suffer as a result of the original sin and we need to be saved so that we can transcend and see the deceptions of Satan. When the serpent appears to us, we need to say to the serpent, "No thanks, Christ is adequate." And only then will God's Glory start to manifest. God's healing light will shine on you and make your time in this life a little more bearable. If you don't believe me, look to the prosperity of North America as a result of God's grace at its inception. The further we walk away from God, the fainter his light becomes, yet the closer we get, the more miracles and blessings he rains down upon us.

So stop approaching the spiritual issue of "feminism" from a scientific, philosophical, or political standpoint, because you won't find the answers. Your soul is hungry for something only God can give you. Letting him in will be the best decision of your lifetime. Close inspection of the bible-God's word- will reveal to you precisely what will take place next and how to deal with feminists. Feminists are begging you for the gospel. They want to be saved. Start by believing that Christ died for your sins. Once you do and accept Christ's salvation, the Holy Ghost will take over and fight your battles for you. You will find yourself saying and agreeing with things that are in the bible/ the word of God, but you never even read it yet! That is God using you to discern the truth and deliver the gospel. The bible is the only knowledge you need. God has promised to provide for you and deliver you through any situation. All you need to do is reach out!


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