How to Avoid Gaming Burnout

No matter how great a game might be, all games eventually make their way to the dreaded burnout graveyard. I get it, you're not rich, and you would rather not have to buy a new game every few weeks. This can leave you flabbergasted. But don't get flabbergasted, get dabbergasted. Below are some tips to avoid early burnout:

Limit Your Time Gaming

Well, this one is a no-brainer, but let me give you more details!

A lot of games have limited your daily play to prevent burnout, but many people don't realize it. Those pesky mobile games where you have to buy energy to play more aren't only trying to make money with micro-transactions. The reason is actually far deeper. Typically these are set up so that you can only game for 1-2 hours at a time. It does several things. First, It helps you not progress through the game too quickly. Second, if you have to pay to play, you will be discouraged from playing for too many hours at once. Third, you will wind up playing the game and interacting with the game more over time. The time that you are spending waiting for your energy to to replenish is time that you are still engaged by the game. In a way, the game reaches out into your life apart from being something you can just pick up and put down. It evolves from a mere "video game" to a hobby that must be nurtured and maintained. Last, you will invest more money into the game, but the game is also now reminding you of the value of your time. It's also reminding you that money can be replenished over time, so you should have a healthier relationship with spending. You may not be able to afford $20 for that power up today, but on payday, you will, and the offer will still be on the table. Not only then, you can continue playing even though you don't have the money for paid content. There are several advantages to the micro-transaction model, I think it's here to stay and it's actually making gaming a little more healthier and informative.


Don't just play one game at a time! Divide your attention over at least two games. Why? Because variety is the spice of life. If you are having trouble with a level on one game, take a break from that game and find something else to do. If you have nothing else to do, then just play another game!

Avoid Game Guides (Until After Your First Playthrough)

Game guides can spoil games, even though some gaming companies publish their own game guides. Game guides can be great and cause you to explore content that you were unaware of like hidden collectibles and areas in a game. But they can also spoil the game to where you know Exactly what comes next. Let me tell you about a time where I'm glad I didn't use a game guide. I play games from the Wolfenstein series and picked up Wolfenstein 2, the one with Adolph Hitler, long after it came out. So nobody was talking about it, nobody could spoil it, and I was in the dark on the game. The game is intuitive to the point where you can figure everything out, so a guide wasn't necessary. I completed the game with no guide and was absolutely shocked  by the many twists and tuns the game took. In fact, at some point I thought I had finished the game and it had a bad ending, but I had no clue the game was about to take the turn it did. The thrill of the surprise made the whole gaming experience and I wound up continuing to play this game until I got every achievement!

Make Friends

If you play any multiplayer games, friends will keep you coming back to the same game over and over. You will have a real person to compete with. Coming up, I gamed online with friends I had in the Boy Scouts. I can remember several of our extremely entertaining gaming sessions like they happened yesterday. Seeing them in person to joke about what happened in the last match was always great. I hope to establish a similar gaming community in the future!

Because you know you're my buddy, and you're my bestest friend!


Don't just play games to beat them, have a goal that isn't dictated by the game. If you are a mage class be a mage. Develop characters who only use certain consumables due to their tastes. Start an endgame relationship. Collect pets and pretend they are Pokemon. Become a rare items collector. Be a vegan. Eat only HP items made of meat. Use your imagination. you paid for the game, you can do whatever you want with it!

Create Your own Content

Start a YouTube channel or even blog about your gaming. Stream your game play on Twitch, and invite the noobs who keep following you around on Call of Duty matches. Draw pictures, and send the developers/voice actors fan mail. Make a funny song, or cosplay. The more gamers interact, the better gaming gets!

Have Fun!

Don't make everything a race to see who can get to lvl 99 the fastest or who can get the strongest gear with the highest win-rate. There are several like you and chances are, you won't ever be the best. And if you do become the best, you won't be forever. So go with the flow, make having fun your priority, and remember, it's just a game.

Follow those tips and you will be playing your games until you get a disc read error like the good ole' days. And don't hesitate to e-mail me and tell me how much fun you had so I can blog about your favorite game and spread the love. Don't forget to Subscribe to stay current on my latest content, and remember: Don't get flabbergasted, get dabbergasted!


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