10 Reasons Why the World Needs More Gold Digging Women

Worldwide, we watch in awe as women attempt to surge ahead of men in several arenas of life. But upon close inspection, these women typically don't want to go off and do their own thing. They don't want to invent their own planes and trains and cars, they want men's planes and trains and cars. They don't want to go off and establish their own women countries or create their own jobs, they want to take over countries founded by men and they want to steal men's jobs. Women aren't going anywhere, so their wants and needs will always be relevant and something a society will have to take care of. But how do we satiate women's new needs without completely disenfranchising the men that make it all possible? My answer is that you hold the gold digger in high esteem! Before you get flabbergasted and leave: Don't. Get dabbergasted instead with these 10 reasons why the world needs more Gold diggers:

I wonder what secret made this a successful coupling

Less Angry Women

We've all heard that there's no fury like a woman scorned. The longer you live, the more that parable will have an effect on your life. Women, like men, want nice things. Not all women want yachts or rings that are worth more than a house mortgage. Some women just want to feel like their life is glamorous or at least that people are trying their best to make it so. Let's be real, if it were not for women, we would all still be living in tents and log cabins. Behind every ambitious man is a love interest. Ladies and gentlemen, don't be fooled!

Stronger and Healthier Society

Gold diggers tend to be averse to being employed. If all women abdicated their ambition in society to their love interests, society would be a lot more peaceful. It's bad enough that men are fighting and building weapons at rates never before seen in the history of man these days, but adding in women's ambitions makes things that much more difficult. The truth is that everyone can't be the chief, you need Indians. I'm pretty sure that if the small portion of women who were dead-set on outdoing men broke off and started their own female dominant societies, nobody would be in a rush to stop them. It may seem like every woman is riding the wave of feminism, but deep down they know they need men and that eventually the party will be over. The sooner this party ends, the quicker we can get back to building upon the things that really matter!

More Men In Tune With Reality

A lot of men lead their lives thinking that women aren't primarily interested in women for what they can provide. If you really think back to grade school, you might recall all the girls arbitrarily picking any boy with a halfway decent reputation and okay looks to have a crush on. In grade school, things were simple, you didn't have to worry about your ride, your shoes, your clothes, your job, and where you went for vacation last. The only thing that mattered is who liked who. Well, as women get older, they get pickier and the demands increase. What would have gotten you a girlfriend in the 5th grade won't get you a handshake in adulthood. And many of you are dumbfounded and wondering why all of a sudden your success with women has come to a screeching halt! It's because you believed the lies shoveled to you in theater. That all men want is a handsome romancer. When men are unfortunate enough to cause unplanned pregnancies, they get a huge wake up call when reality sets in. When they get taken to court, go through their first divorce, or see how women can get away with murder in the male dominated legal system while basically everything men do is illegal. By the time the severity of life hits people in this feminized but male dominated society, often it is too late. And the men who are already at the top and don't want to lose their spot will gladly help aid women in culling you from the herd. A society where the gold digging, "I need to depend on men for my finances" will highlight women's true needs so that men don't lose focus and fall into the wrong things. As more men wake up, things will get a little harder across the board, but there will be a net positive in productivity. When you show somebody something they've seen before, they're slightly more likely to overcome it!

More Men Maximizing on Their Potential

To get and keep an exceptionally attractive woman is a full-time job not for the faint of heart. Depending on how attractive the woman is, she will have no choice but to adopt a gold digging mentality. Everywhere she goes, men are spilling out onto the sidewalks to get her name, her number, or basically any chance to mate with her. The gold digging mentality is ethical when you are beautiful woman. You are saying that only the best will have a shot at mating with you. Only those who have worked the hardest and can provide the most can get the woman that everyone wants. You might say, well that would make everything harder for the average male if every woman behaved like this. My response to that is that the average woman doesn't have so many bidders. If every woman took the highest bidders among every man bidding for their affection, you would have a situation where both men and women have maximized their mating potentials. The men at the top would be satisfied with their top notch women and the men at the bottom would have the best woman they could get in their situation. Infidelity would lower, and you will stop seeing men who can get better women, hogging up all the low quality women or vice versa where you see drug dealing men dating and destroying high quality women, depriving quality men of more suitable mates. When people get too romantic in dating, it leads to nightmares and inequities like these!

More Ambition and Creativity

According to Price's Square root law, 50% of the work is done by the square root of the total number of people who participate in the work. The Pareto Principle states that 80% of the results will come from just 20% of the action. Now I'm no mathematical genius, but according to both of these statistical principles, wherever you go, only a very small percentage of the people there are actually getting this done. That's why strength in numbers is so important. If you only have a few people maximizing on their potential, and of that few people, an even tinier percentage of those people are accounting for the majority of the work, then you don't have very many truly productive people. We need to get as many people vying for that superstar role as possible in society to increase our yields. The odds are heavily stacked against positive change. Everything is trying to stop you from achieving your goals. A lot of motivational speakers say that when you want something, the universe moves out of the way so that you can achieve this. Well, I'm telling you that this is a lie. The more you try to achieve, the harder things get, and if you aren't careful, you will find yourself juiced up on steroids or taking 10s of drugs just to get through the day. By maximizing on our potential, we are taking some of the strain off of our superstars and adding to the very limited number of productive, innovative, and creative people. How does gold digging factor into all of this? We need to eliminate as much fodder as possible and supercharge the people who are actually making results. As for as we are concerned, women's ambitions to usurp men in society is nothing more than a fantasy and it will never happen. We remove these people who aren't very productive, latch them onto someone who is, and a result is less of the universe trying to rip you to shreds, and more results!

Less Illegitimate Children

Children are expensive. The average cost of raising a child into adulthood is $233,610. Expenses aside, it can be extremely challenging to raise children. When a child is coming into the world his or her parents need to be prepared to make major sacrifices. But an anti-gold digging woman culture that exacerbates the fantasy of independent women makes things even harder. If women were ambitious and competitive with who can raise their children the best, I would applaud that, but sadly they don't want excel in female spaces, they want to wreck male spaces. This is one of the biggest problems facing society in these times, with some women going so far as to assert that they should be able to kill their unwanted children through abortion. Keeping in mind all of the aforementioned principles: what does that mean for society? Less possible mates for both males and females, less people to drive up productivity, and a sick society that has self destructive tendencies. I would rather have to pay for a date than grow up in a world full of lazy unproductive people who resort to crime for fast money.

Higher Wages

In the United States, there are 97.9 males to every 100 females. Women entering the workforce has crashed many markets and left others in danger of crashing. 40-50 years ago, someone could afford to go to college and have a job on the side. Wages were better and people had more purchasing power across the board. The country has not gotten poorer since then, people have not started eating less, driving less, or flying less, so what happened? Why can you no longer support a whole family on the income from one job? It's because in the past few decades, women entering the workforce have diminished wages across the board. Not only do we have women actively trying to usurp men and destroy societies built by men, but they are using YOUR (men's) money to do it. Again, a feminist society is a sick society. And the goal that feminists want to achieve will never be achieved. It would require a complete overhaul of everything. But even with a complete overhaul, the nature of men and women would never allow for this to happen!

More Female Inclusion in Society

Vying for the the top echelons in society is a lonely journey. People will not support you. People will be mean and nasty and do everything in their power to stop you like crabs in a barrel. As soon as you look like you are about to escape into a better situation than your neighbor, they will reach out and try to pull you down. In some cases, if one crab gets too determined to escape, then the other crabs will gang up on him and rip his leg from his body. The world is not kind to those who want to succeed, and anyone telling you otherwise is just lying.

You have a lot of women being faced with this reality and how at the baseline, most working situations are hostile at the very least. When they are faced with this reality, instead of accepting that this is just the way things are, they take all their frustrations out on men and make things even more toxic. In many cases they destroy entire careers out of false vindications. Feminism is a societal sickness, and like a virus, they use the very cells of society that hold everything together to destroy society as a whole. Rather than nurturing society and making the world a better place, you have a select group of women who just want to watch the world burn!

More Focus on Spirituality

A society that isn't sick is a healing society. When women return to their natural roles, a lot of the problems we face will disappear at the drop of a hat. Things will still be difficult and ridiculous, but at least you have your god given partner to cleave onto when things get tough. In these times of peace, we can focus more on our spirituality and connecting ourselves with our creator. By obeying his commandments, we prepare ourselves to receive more blessings.


Last but not least, when men do their duties and provide for their women, and women nurture men in return, there will be peace. When men and women realize their potential and take the necessary steps to receive their blessings, there is no limit to what the world can achieve!

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