Vampirella Quarterly #1 Review: This one bites

I nabbed my copy of Vampirella yesterday because I saw it mentioned next to this indie comic titled, "Cyberfrog" somewhere on Youtube. I got this specific issue because I found the cover artwork to be profoundly sexy. At first glance, Vampirella looks like a dirty magazine, (and really, it kind of is) and it's very hard to pay attention to the plot with bulging vampire breasts all over the place and erotic fights taking place. The comic book reminds me of an erotic comic I read online awhile back titled "Sexy Symphonies." All of the fight sequences were of people wrestling and tumbling in an erotic fashion. I would say Vampirella is NSFW even though there is no outright nudity and sex taking place. Lewdness is clearly at the forefront of the marketing of this comic!

Once you get past Vampirella's heaving melons, you'll find that Vampirella is actually pretty educational about European mythology. It's specifically a perversion of various European myt…

Why it's Time for You to Either Join Us or Go Away

Since President Trump first made his bid for office in 2015, the media will have you to believe that the entire world disagrees with his presidency. Trump and his supporters have been treated like invaders in a strange land. These people have been treated like their ideas are new, radical, unpredictable, and dangerous. Every paper and major news media outlet has turned into end times prophesiers. Every day there's a new major political headline, but the days continue to go by. No wars have started, very few have been killed, and it's been business per usual. Eventually you have to stop and ask yourself this: Why hasn't the world come to an end yet? Where is the civil war? Why haven't protesters started catching themselves on fire? (Edit, since I first wrote this, there have been reports!) And somewhere in that questioning, you have to ask yourself, "If this is how it's going to be moving forward, then what do I do next?" To anyone who is Pro Trump, Pro Ch…

10 Reasons Why the World Needs More Gold Digging Women

Worldwide, we watch in awe as women attempt to surge ahead of men in several arenas of life. But upon close inspection, these women typically don't want to go off and do their own thing. They don't want to invent their own planes and trains and cars, they want men's planes and trains and cars. They don't want to go off and establish their own women countries or create their own jobs, they want to take over countries founded by men and they want to steal men's jobs. Women aren't going anywhere, so their wants and needs will always be relevant and something a society will have to take care of. But how do we satiate women's new needs without completely disenfranchising the men that make it all possible? My answer is that you hold the gold digger in high esteem! Before you get flabbergasted and leave: Don't. Get dabbergasted instead with these 10 reasons why the world needs more Gold diggers:

I wonder what secret made this a successful coupling
Less Angry Wo…

What is it Like to Date an INTP?

You're in class and the teacher who is struggling with her weight mentions in lecture that digestion speeds up during exercise. The class goes into a back and forth discussion about their opinions on health, dieting and exercise. Among the chattering, you see a hand flailing in the back of the classroom and then you notice it's attached to a student you never noticed before. The teacher calls on him to speak and he starts.. "Ummm, actually, digestion slows during exercise. I saw it on Discovery Channel." The teacher replies with, "Are you sure? That's not right!" The class murmurs in agreement with the teacher and suddenly the bell rings. You see that the guy is upset, but you agree with the teacher, pack up your things, and head to lunch. Subconsciously, you categorize the guy in the back as a complete idiot. He was always quiet and you saw him get a mediocre score on a quiz that one time. At this point, you're kind of annoyed by the guy for making…

Why College Students Shouldn't Worry About Student Loan Debt (At All)

It has become common among many young people, namely millennials, to be concerned by the effect of student loan debt on their future. Prepare to be dabbergasted as I reveal to you why student loans aren't as big of a deal as some people (who ironically want your money too) make it out to be.

Student Loan Debt Pales in Comparison to Other Debts You Accrue in Life The average student loan debt in 2018 was $29, 800. Now while numbers rarely lie, they often mislead. In life, you will find yourself in far more debt than this. Your parents and the people before you have been able to handle debts like this, so why can't you? Here's a list of debts you may accrue in your life that will total higher than your student loan debt:
The average  new car loan taken out totals to $29,921.17The national average mortgage (house loan) is $201,811Medical debts are the number one cause of bankruptcy in the United States with 75% of those bankruptcies coming from people who had medical insurance…

How to Avoid Gaming Burnout

No matter how great a game might be, all games eventually make their way to the dreaded burnout graveyard. I get it, you're not rich, and you would rather not have to buy a new game every few weeks. This can leave you flabbergasted. But don't get flabbergasted, get dabbergasted. Below are some tips to avoid early burnout:

Limit Your Time Gaming Well, this one is a no-brainer, but let me give you more details!
A lot of games have limited your daily play to prevent burnout, but many people don't realize it. Those pesky mobile games where you have to buy energy to play more aren't only trying to make money with micro-transactions. The reason is actually far deeper. Typically these are set up so that you can only game for 1-2 hours at a time. It does several things. First, It helps you not progress through the game too quickly. Second, if you have to pay to play, you will be discouraged from playing for too many hours at once. Third, you will wind up playing the game and i…

Will Animals Go to Heaven?

Most of us have had a pet some time in our lives. We also might look at the struggles of wild species and wonder what the future has in store for them. Do animals have souls? Are animals good or evil? Does God command us to serve and protect animals? Do animals truly matter in the grand scheme of things or are they just there as merely another demonstration of God's glory?

Well first off ,scripture states that man was given dominion over all animals in Genesis 1:26:

"And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth." 

While God is the beginning and the end, the creator of all things, the author of truth, and the healing light, he has delegated some of his powers to man, namely free will, and in this case, dominion over all of the animals. 
Scripture doesn't differentiate …